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Ren Shikami
Ren Shikami

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PostSubject: Ren shikami   Ren shikami EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 3:48 am

Ren Shikami

Name: Shikami, Ren
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Looks: a slender boy with a michivious smile, blonde hair and a gleam to his Light blue eyes. 6'4 with some muscle tone, he weighs in at 176 pounds. His clothing is a brown bandana over his hair, the bandana haveing a skull makeing on it. He wears a white shirt, buttons undone to show his chest, wearing leather gloves with metal bits at the fingers. Aroundd is neck he has  two necklaces, one with a Shrak tooth, and the others  silver pendant. He wears a belt loosly around his waist, loose enough to make it look as if he is wearing two diffrent belts, over blue jeans. He has normal shoes.
Race: Human
Alliance: Pirates

Rank: F
Exp: 0
Weapon: (With the link to the approved application)
Fighting Style: Three sword style, a style that is was used by the great Roanoa Zoro, in which three swords are weild, one in the mouth, the other in the hands. This technique is special for it can easily be used to over power a single sword, and keep a duel sword at a edge. Three swords can be used in multiple ways, and is a offensive but defensive style. Every attack leaves a open space, but also allows for a second attack to be used by the wielder, allowing the wielder to always be offensive.
Occupation: Swordsman

Personality: Rens personality is a unique yet, explainable personality. He has always been hyper, and friendly. He has all ways gotten serious when he friends are in danger, allowing himself to get protect time over his friends and loved ones. He would rather allow himself to perish then allow a friend to get injured. He allows himself to be ruthless while in a duel.

A reasonable and mostly honorable boy, Ren is abel to know when he is able too win, and will do it with honor. His ability to keep his head calm is easy, for he is a great boy, who loves to think of him self as the soon to Be strongest swords men in the four seas.

Likes: Swimming, haveing fun with people, makeing friends, sleeping, and training.
Dislikes: Figting, arguments, people that brag, and people that harm his friends.
History: The son of one of the bounty hunters that was with Zoro during his bounty hunter days, Ren was raised as a swordsman, always wanting to be like the ma he considered a uncle. The green haired swords man made him feel like a ant, though he never met the man, he was always being told stories of him. One day though Ren father went out, going to do a job, and when he came back he told Ren that zoro was now a pirate.

Hearing this Ren decided that he needed to chase after this man, and become a bounty hunter to kill the man who rp became what he hunted. As a boy Ren trained, trying to master the three sword technique from what he heard from his father. He eventually learned how to use them, and made some moves that'p where devastating.

A few years later, off on a bounty chase, Ren found a poster, roanoa zoro, wanted as a straw hat pirate. This made Ren sngry, makeing him go off to take a bounty, and on his way he bumped into a marine, this marine pulled a pistol out and told Ren to say sorry, though Ren said no. The marine said that if hen isn't he would be arrested. Smirking at the abuse of power this marine showed, Ren laughed, pulling a sword, and cutting the pistol in half. He then told the marine to arrest him, for all he cared.

It's been almost a entire month now and Ren is to be let free soon, only 15 more days. What will happen now?
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Ren shikami
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