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PostSubject: Roku Drayce   Roku Drayce EmptyMon May 19, 2014 6:12 pm

Roku Drayce
Roku Drayce Kirito_Dual_Blades
Name: DRAYCE, Roku
Age: 17
Birthdate: June 9th
Sex: Male
Looks: Roku is a skinny-looking boy, but take off the concealing clothing and you'll find defined muscle tone. He is described as cute by a lot of people, mostly because he doesn't look as old as he really is. Ebony hair frames his boyish face, with his equally black colored eyes sometimes being covered by it. On his torso is a sleeveless black t-shirt, and over it is a long black trench coat with small bits of armor, also having a clip that holds two sheaths for his swords. His t-shirt is tucked into his black slacks, which are held up by dark grey belt. His boots are slightly armored just like his trench coat, and they are black just like the rest of his attire. There is a reason that people call him the "Black Swordsman".
Race: Human
Alliance: Bounty Hunter

Rank: F
Exp: 0
Weapon: Elucidator and the Dark Repulser
Fighting Style: Dual Dragon Style: A style of dual swordsmanship which uses quick, devastatingly powerful combo attacks that leave an opponent's head spinning from the sheer speed. This also includes attacks that send the opponent up into the air and continue the combo, much like how a dragon attacks.
Occupation: Swordsman

Personality: Roku usually maintains a stern, serious, and distanced personality, but often loses his temper in a goofy and exaggerated comical style. He can also be extremely intimidating, easily frightening weaker opponents with just his glare. It has been stated that he has a monstrous killing intent, strange when considering his child-like appearance. Despite this, Roku has a caring heart that is capable of compassion. He also has a very loyal heart, which can be seen as he nearly killed a marine official for bad-mouthing his father.

Roku has a strong sense of leadership and reasoning. He keeps the rules of a swordsman to heart, like never striking an opponent from behind, unless it really matters. (Ex: A close friend's life is on the line) He also believes that a scar on the back is a swordsman's greatest shame. This shows that he's not reckless, just honorable, which says a lot about him. When fighting against weaker opponents, he will even use the flat of his blade to attack instead of the sharp edge.

Likes: Swords, Weight Training, Steak, Cola, Rum, Testing his skills, Sleeping
Dislikes: Dishonorable Fighting, Dragons, Bitter Foods, Vegetables, Misplaced Arrogance
History: Roku was born to a loving family of three, his father being famous through the North Blue as the Blue Shadow, otherwise known as Aishen. Before him, Aishen was a part of the famous pirates whose name is now unknown after a war between them and their allies versus the World Government. Roku aspired to be like his father, not in the pirate sense, but being a great swordsman, the best alive. When he was young, he created his own legendary sword, an incredible feat for one as young as him. It was only when Roku had nearly mastered the one sword style that a package was sent to him carrying his father's legendary sword and a note saying that he died valiantly in battle.

Ever since then, Roku has been training with more vigor than ever before. He became a bounty hunter at the age of only sixteen so that he could test his skills and get even stronger. Though he has clear limits, which is probably because the bounties do not give him as much experience as traveling would, making him trapped by a barrier.

(Later on I will have him be a pirate, but for now he is a bounty hunter)
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PostSubject: Re: Roku Drayce   Roku Drayce EmptyMon May 19, 2014 7:04 pm

But but. But he aint even black why is he the black swordsman it make no senz

Get your weapon approved, then this is approved, no probs ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Roku Drayce   Roku Drayce EmptyTue May 20, 2014 8:19 am

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Roku Drayce
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