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 Techniques system.

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Techniques system. Empty
PostSubject: Techniques system.   Techniques system. EmptySun May 18, 2014 7:19 pm

Techniques system:

1. Description.
Techniques are named variations of combos and tricks usually derived from a fighting style. Everything from archery to swordsmanship counts as a fighting style. A simple movement like thrusting or swinging a sword need not count as a technique, but a sudden combo of slashing and thrusting may count should the character decide to give it a name. Usually, techniques are more powerful than basic moves. Techniques are graded based on their power from S rank to F rank. Free techniques are given when starting a character, and upon each rank up. To earn more techniques do training threads of required word counts. More information below.

2. Template.
Name: (name of the technique)
Rank: (rank from F to A, and then S)
Style: [i](pick one that suits and you have in your "Abilities" section of your character profile)
Description: (explain how this technique works, be descriptive)

3. Training for techniques.

F rank techniques - Usually only slightly better than basic movements and consist mainly of combos of basic movements. Since they are all basic, they are free of cost and no training topics are required.

E rank techniques - Normally these are exaggerated versions of basic movement that are more powerful and are capable of causing fractures. 100 words training topic per technique.

D rank techniques - Due to superhuman capabilities from the user, these techniques are much varied and unpredictable. 300 words training topic per technique.

C rank techniques - Enhanced powers cause further unpredictability and variety. Its pretty much up to the character's creativity at this point. Some of these techniques are lethal, especially to lower ranks. 500 words training topic per technique. This includes haki and logia devil fruits.

B rank techniques - Techniques that fall into this category are usually used for attacking a horde of enemies and are large in scale. Fatality becomes more common in techniques in this rank. 750 words training topic per technique.

A rank techniques - Techniques of A-rank are almost always large in scale and fully show off its user's powers and capabilities. They are almost always meant for fatality and inhumane strength can only barely survive a direct hit. Depending on the intensity even the most durable of enemies may see their downfall. 1000 words training topic per technique.

S rank techniques - S rank techniques are often legendary and fabled techniques almost always lethal and large scale. Only masters of combat can utilize such maneuvers. 2000 words training topic per technique.
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Techniques system.
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