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Momoru Mamoru. TTgLur5
Name: MOMORU, Mamoru
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Looks: above.
Race: Human
Alliance: Pirates

Rank: F
Exp: 0

Name: Kaiō-rui Satsugai and Kiba no Kaiō-rui
Type: Swords
Appearance: depiction below.
The two blades were initially one single piece, but were separated. The blue one, Kaio-rui Satsugai was the main piece, and was as such the bigger piece. It is precisely eight feet long, and about half as wide. Kiba no Kaio-rui, the red piece is only about a foot long and was used more like a dagger.
'He used its remnants...'

Momoru Mamoru. Hs4QlMr
Kaio-rui Satsugai, translating into Sea King Slayer, is made using the toughest materials found in the specific Sea King. It is layered with the monster's skin, and seems to use its bone extracts in some parts as well. It is incredibly rough and tough. It can take hits of incredible power without getting damaged. However, there is a limit to how much it can take, and techniques of certain powers over the sword's own level can crack and even destroy the sword. As long as it is in one piece, it heals itself over time as if it was a living being. In reality it is the skin and extracts of the powerful Sea King demonstrating its own powers.

Momoru Mamoru. KkE4zBdMomoru Mamoru. LOLzE7Q
Kiba no Kaio-rui, translating into Fang of the Sea King, is made around the smallest claw found in the specific monster. It is coated with several other materials of the same beast, the main one being a breed of algae that grew on the Sea King and is unique to it. As it regenerated rapidly, it survived on the claw used to make this dagger like blade. It is green in the morning and constantly collects sunlight. With the help of sunlight, it multiplies rapidly and as it can withstand extreme temperatures and is pretty much permanently stuck to the blade, it lives on the blade. The amount of algae on it remains the same. Any extra gets burned off in the night time and missing numbers are regained in the day time. The algae is red in the night time as it is constantly burning. The algae is extremely sticky in sunlight and can stick opposing blades to itself upon conflict, making it difficult (but possible) for opponents to pull off quick paced combos when conflicting with the blade. In the absence of sunlight, the algae burns constantly and on contact, explodes violently. Any lack of algae after constant use of these explosions are regenerated in the day time when sunlight comes.

'On the blades it laid a curse,
Follow them would Sea Kings diverse.'
These are Yoto blades. They are cursed. The curse is that the blades attract Sea Kings, and not friendly ones. Varieties of nearby Sea Kings are compelled to follow and destroy these swords and its bearer. This is because of the wicked spell like curse cast on the blades by a powerful Sea King who once fought and succumbed to the blades.

In the presence of a Sea King, and as one draws near, Kaio-rui Satsugai begins to grow longer, wider and become tougher until it doubles in size when a Sea King is in a 500 meter radius. It emits an aura that allows its user to lift it and becomes very heavy.

Kaio-rui Satsugai also has a hidden ability to tame and summon Sea Kings, but it is so far a secret and a locked power that requires too much power for its current user to activate presently. He might even never be able to unlock these powers as they require power that seems to be astronomical.

Kiba no Kaio-rui also benefits in the presence of a Sea King, its algae substance inflaming immediately, and the flames intensifying to a terrifying level.
History: Once upon a time there was a pirate whose dream was to conquer the seas.

On his journey, the strong pirate was faced by a mighty and evil Sea King, stronger,
Bravely he fought for days and by himself, killed the monster.

However his accomplishment came with a price,
as in the fierce battle, he had lost one of his eyes.

His feat was praised in seas far and wide,
The pirate was overwhelmed with pride.

He used its remnants to create two mighty blades,
The vengeful spirit of the monster determinedly crusades.

On the blades it laid a curse,
Follow them would Sea Kings diverse.  

Meanwhile, his people welcomed him to their island to stay,
Little had they known, the chaos to play.

Soon, as the spirit had decided, another monster attacked,
The whole island did it had mercilessly wrecked.

In search of the swords and their bearer,
in its reign of terror.

The warrior was blamed,
as the island was inflamed.

He was cast out to sea ..
His boat, clothes and blades his only company.

Away from the safety of land,
attacked by the monsters Grand.

One eye missing, he died as quickly as his people turned on him.
Helplessly, the warrior went with the Reaper Grim.

The pirate in this true tale is Mamoru's father. After fighting endlessly with Sea Kings, the man had been hurt beyond recovery and as a last resort used an unrecognized devil fruit in his bag to guide the blades to his son. The exact abilities of the devil fruit remains unknown as it was destroyed to unrecognizable pieces along with the pirate who ingested it. The blades washed up on shore many kilometers away, in Mamoru's private island, where the boy lived at the time. He was 14 and wanted to start a journey to conquer the seas but his father always told him to wait till he was older, and occasionally trained him. This was his father telling him to start his quest. He recognized the owner of the blades immediately as his family name was encrypted into one of them. Determined to find out what had happened, the boy grabbed the blades and left to start his quest.

Fighting Style:
Captain Mamoru Momoru's style: This is a custom style developed by the pirate. He relies on ambushing his foes mercilessly, and when battles start to intensify, he resorts to quickly switching weapons continuously to swiftly keep changing his approach to battles and keep his moves as unpredictable as possible. He could suddenly unleash his bigger blade to assault and guard and defense with his smaller blade to confuse his foes, or rarely even use both blades simultaneously, or chain link one blade's combo into the other. When using techniques of this style, Mamoru uses the prefix "Senchō Mamoru no sutairu:"

Occupation: Captain.


Mamoru could never sit still in once place. He is very impatient, way too energetic to be lazy He is always up to something. He just has to keep moving. He often fidgets and talks to himself. He can't keep himself under control. He is always intrigued, questioned by the things around him. This often leads him to trouble. He gets into trouble because of his curiosity and impatience. Even in a battlefield, he finds it impossible to stick to an intelligent plan. For him, the best plan is more like "Come! Attack! Go!". He always screws up plans and resorts to flat out violence. He is not the ideal companion as he would often get his companions into trouble as well. He never thinks before he does. In the eyes of others, he is the definition of an idiot.

However, he is a responsible kid. He would put his life on the line when he has to protect someone he cared for or when he has to make up for somebody who got into trouble because of him. He is very protective of people he caused trouble into, as he knows he wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of having caused someone else permanent misery. Then again, he never really thinks about the guilt before he put them into trouble in the first place.

He is never satisfied. He always complains about one thing or another. He is a cocky brat, figuratively speaking, so annoying that not even an ascetic could avoid describing him without the usage of foul language. He always finds flaws in happiness. By the end of the day he always has one problem or another. As mentioned before, he often resorted to violence. When he got frustrated, he would hit walls, trees, heck, even the ground to take it out.

He can also be quite unpredictable. He may run from weak foes while take on strong ones. He has a complexity in his mind that it hard to understand. And he can sometimes be quite heartless too. I'll let character development make him choose a real alignment to either the good or the bad side.
Likes: Adventure and the sea.
Dislikes: Periodic things, things that repeat itself, boredom, lack of change, the same thing too many times, stupid marines, land, Sea Kings.
Mamoru was born in the sea. Being a single child, he was greatly loved by his parents. His father built a small island for him to grow up in, keeping him away from the dangers of the sea. However he always had the urge to explore and conquer the seas. He grew up with his mother taking care of him and his father occasionally bringing him many things from his adventures and telling him stories about the world out there. Each time he heard a new story, the urge for him to escape and explore, it grew larger. Until one day, his father never came. Eager to burst out and find out what had happened, and sure his father must be alive, he attempted several times to escape. His mother constantly assured him that his father was alright.

He wasn't buying it. One day when his father's swords somehow ended up on the shore of his island. The boy was sure he had to find out. Leaving his mother behind, he finally escaped. He grabbed the blades with him and all he had were the weapons and a boat.

Soon he found out what had happened... (the rest is in the weapon application)

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