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 The Cowardly Captain (Quest, Goku Kyoko)

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PostSubject: The Cowardly Captain (Quest, Goku Kyoko)   Wed May 21, 2014 10:55 pm

Goku walked around Goat Island, looking for some new crewmember. He looked around, putting his hand to his chin. "Hmm..." He said, judging the people around him. "Let's see...ooh! Something interesting is happening!" He yelled, running up to the scene.

"Give it to us!" Some men yelled, one of them grabbing a man by the shirt and shaking him. The man reached for his pocket, his face sweating and scared. He pulled out a sack of what seemed to be beri, the men's faces lit up at the thought of the money. Goku jumped right in front of the man, who dropped the villager and took out his sword. "Get outta here, kid. Just let the big boys do their work..." Goku, not letting the man finish, kicked him in the stomach, sending him back. He fell onto the ground in front of the other man, who now pulled out his sword. "So...I'm guessing you guys are pirates, huh?" Goku said, smiling. The man replied, "Yes, yes we are. Now, your gonna pay for messin' with us, kid!" He yelled, taking a swing at Goku. "Dragon fist!" Goku yelled. His fist became red, and he punched at the sword, making his hand and the sword clash for about two seconds, before half of the blade broke off, and flew back into the wall behind them. Goku's hand went into the mans face, which sent him back into a house. The man grasped his nose, which now seemed to be throbbing. Goku walked up to the man. "Who the hell are you?" The man yelled. "I'm Kyoko D. Goku, and i'm gonna become pirate king!" Goku yelled, smiling, pointing at himself. The man started to grin as well. "When my captain here's about you-" "Who is your captain?" Goku said. The man smiled even more. "Captain CrookShinks. And I'll have you know, his ship is right there, and he'll have you killed!" The man yelled, pointing to a ship in the distance. "Interesting..." Goku said. "Ok, thanks. Bye." He continued, running off towards the ship in the distance, that now seemed to be leaving. "I know where i'll be!" Goku yelled, charging straight for the ship.

Goku jumped off the dock, and grabbed onto the back edge of the ship, holding onto it. He climbed up, observing the deck. All the pirates seemed to be counting beri. "Keep counting, boys!" The captain yelled, laughing loudly. He went to the captain, and tapped him on the back. The captain turned around. "Eh? Ahh!" The captain yelled jumping back. He cleared his throat. "I mean, Arg! Why are you on my ship!" He yelled, making the ship stop. "What a coward." Goku said, smiling. One of the crewmates looked up, and alarmed the other ones. Huh? What? WAIT....WE'RE FREE!" They yelled. The whole crew started to sing a shanty in joy. The captain looked at them with searing eyes. "Shut up, you!" He barked at all of them, looking back at Goku and laughing nervously. "Never mind them. Did you come to join the crew-" He got cut off when Goku punched him in the face. Goku kicked him about 30 times, and then kicked him in the face. The captain fell off of the ship. "That was...easy." Goku said. He looked at the crew. "What about us?" The crew said. "You guys...go start your own crew. Use this ship, and never get capture again, ok? I don't have time to save you." Goku said, smiling. He took their chains. Have fun, guys!" Goku yelled, jumping off of the ship and walking away.
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PostSubject: Re: The Cowardly Captain (Quest, Goku Kyoko)   Fri May 23, 2014 1:48 pm

(spirte please wait! don't start doing quests before creating Ruling so them!)
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The Cowardly Captain (Quest, Goku Kyoko)
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