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PostSubject: Money-Making/Site-Running   Mon May 19, 2014 7:41 pm

I believe we should have a Quest system, with specifically designed quests for each person or type of person, as it wouldn't make sense for a Marine to raid a ship if it wasn't a Pirate's.

This is a way to gain money, as our current system is not that great, let's just admit it. It'd take years to get somewhere.

Now, how to run all this? Easy. We could have different types of Mods. We could have Mods in charge of approving profiles, techs, etc... and Mods in charge of running and creating Quests for those who ask for them. Payment for Mods as they work in Berri could also be a way to stimulate this. This way, nobody's overloaded with work and everybody gets out a winner.

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