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 Technique Sheets. - The things you need to know.

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PostSubject: Technique Sheets. - The things you need to know.   Mon May 19, 2014 10:30 am

What is a technique sheet?
As techniques and characters were introduced in this site with a time lag, to prevent further confusion, we have implemented a technique sheet feature. A technique sheet is just a post containing all the techniques of a character. We ask you to make use of this and categorize your techniques either by ability, fighting style or rank. This does not differ much from placing your techniques in your character's profile, but can be more organized and useful than that. All new characters have to do is post their technique sheet with infinite F ranked and two E ranked (optional) techniques with the technique template, and the sheet will be checked and approved, then stored safely. Whenever an update is needed you may post a request in this subforum or contact staff.

How to attain new techniques
To create a new technique besides the five you start with, fill in the template specified here and post in a new topic in this subforum. New techniques are gained on each rank up, and approved ones can be trained for word counts of their respective requirements as specified in the url above. Characters may only train for techniques within their rank. After training for the techniques or earning them via rank up, link a moderator to the training topic or let one know about your rank up, and link them to your approved technique application(s). Note that limitations specified in the above url are just to give an idea of how strong a technique of that rank usually is. With enough creativity, exceptions can be made with conditions, and the limitations don't always apply anyway for the techniques depending on logistics.

How to post and receive your techniques
1. Start a new topic in this subforum with the title "[your character]'s Technique Sheet"
2. Copy the template and use it to enter your techniques.
3. Read the other threads in this subforum to find out your limitations.
4. Wait for your sheet to be locked approved by a moderator or admin.
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Technique Sheets. - The things you need to know.
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