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 Announcing Departure

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Announcing Departure Empty
PostSubject: Announcing Departure   Announcing Departure EmptySun May 18, 2014 9:23 pm

I should probably make a thread about my leaving before I remove this from my bookmarks...

I'm gonna leave this site. It's much too confusing and even though I tried to stay out of any major decisions, I still somehow ended up "planting the seed" for a couple of huge changes to the site. Also, even though I believe systems should be put in place to keep from overpoweredness, it's gotten to the point where I probably won't have fun here anymore with all these limitations. Sorry to my friends here, but if you want to RP One Piece with me, I'm joining another forum which I'll give the url to over my skype which is "xxfearless14xx" without quotations. Again, sorry, but I just can't even.
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PostSubject: Re: Announcing Departure   Announcing Departure EmptySun May 18, 2014 9:30 pm

All the limitations were supposed to be reviewed by you before they were posted but since you retired from staff I gave them over to Leo, who just copy / pasted. I asked for your help politely when I was working on the shit but no.

ined the chat on Mon May 19, 2014 1:50 am
[01:52:01] Protoman.EXE joined the chat on Mon May 19, 2014 1:52 am
[01:52:03] Protoman.EXE : Hey Mamo
[01:52:11] Protoman.EXE : Can you tell me something?
[01:54:39] MaMoRu. : yeah?
[01:55:57] MaMoRu. : wat
[01:56:07] Protoman.EXE : Well
[01:56:18] Protoman.EXE : Do I need to put the techniques in my app?
[01:56:44] MaMoRu. : I don't know, Leo didn't specify.
[01:56:49] Protoman.EXE : Meh
[01:56:52] Protoman.EXE : Also
[01:56:55] Protoman.EXE : About my Devil Fruit
[01:57:11] MaMoRu. : I suggested for him to add separate technique sheets in the technique categry for each character
[01:57:14] Protoman.EXE : Do I still have it or not? Leo said a little while ago that "Geo doesn't have a devil fruit" even though the app is still there...
[01:57:24] Protoman.EXE : And he's already in a thread with the power.
[01:57:57] MaMoRu. : hes not.
[01:58:11] Protoman.EXE : O3o
[01:58:23] Protoman.EXE :, what, I just...don't have the fruit anymore?
[01:58:35] MaMoRu. : the thread
[01:58:41] MaMoRu. : is in the archives.
[01:58:49] MaMoRu. : your suggestion to ban knife's devil fruit.
[01:59:04] MaMoRu. : gradually, like, snowball-down-a-hill shet
[01:59:10] Protoman.EXE : o3o
[01:59:22] Protoman.EXE : This is why I said I wouldn't give my fucking opinions.
[01:59:27] Protoman.EXE : I didn't suggest to ban his fruit,.
[01:59:32] Protoman.EXE : That was you guys.
[01:59:39] MaMoRu. : it resulted in Leo suggesting and deciding to scrap all devil fruits and put them in the shop.
[01:59:46] MaMoRu. : well you planted the seed x/d
[01:59:51] Protoman.EXE : No I didn't.
[01:59:58] Protoman.EXE : I didn't fucking say anything ab-
[02:00:05] Protoman.EXE : Forget it. I'm actually leaving the site now.
[02:00:06] MaMoRu. : its for good though, if he had banned only knife's fruit we would have lost him
[02:00:11] MaMoRu. : what
[02:00:18] MaMoRu. : everyone lost their fruits
[02:00:22] Protoman.EXE : It's getting too reckless, even with me trying not to get involved, yoou try to blame me.
[02:00:23] MaMoRu. : it was inevitable
[02:00:31] Protoman.EXE : No. Fuck you.
[02:00:35] MaMoRu. : losing the fruits
[02:00:39] MaMoRu. : ff
[02:00:42] Protoman.EXE has logged off the chat on Mon May 19, 2014 2:00 am
[02:00:48] MaMoRu. : Proto dude dont take offense for it
[02:01:02] MaMoRu. : it was a good thing >.>

The last two lines are all I want to say to you. The people who lost the fruits, except one or two, accept it was for good. It was supposed to be a complement. I don't see any reason why you would wanna fuck me over that one. Besides you weren't responsible for the crppy systems, I am. I just pointed out (i guess i felt) the idea to remove the devil fruits came from Knife's fruit, which you strongly spoke against if I recall. I'm sorry I misspoke saying you asked to ban his fruit, but I am sure you spoke against his fruit to the point I agreed with you, and though you wanted the same thing. There's no point taking offence here, all these limitations can be changed if you speak your mind. If you're still leaving, good luck.
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Announcing Departure Empty
PostSubject: Re: Announcing Departure   Announcing Departure EmptyMon May 19, 2014 4:15 am

Farewell, mate. Wish you the best. I'll add you on skype just in case.
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PostSubject: Re: Announcing Departure   Announcing Departure Empty

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Announcing Departure
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