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PostSubject: Rank system   Rank system EmptySun May 18, 2014 7:17 pm

Rank system.
1. Introduction
Every character in this roleplay has a rank. Ranks exist here to put limitations to some powerful abilities and to be reasonable about clearly distinguishing experienced and non-experienced characters, and every level of experience between them. Its as basic as its writer could make it, so bear with him here. There are ranks. From F, which is the least, to A which is the highest. And there's S which is even better than A but is a novelty.

2. The Ranks
F rank: This is the rank in which all characters start. There are no exceptions to this rule. This rank is the least powerful one. Pirates in this rank have no bounty whatsoever. Marines and bounty hunters have no respect points. The characters in this rank do not have a right to an official epithet. Characters starting out in F rank may choose up to 5 basic techniques.
Exp: -

E rank: To rank up to E rank, 10 experience points are needed. Upon ranking up to E, the character may make two more techniques to add to their arsenal. At this point the character's physical capabilities do not exceed that of a regular human being.
Exp: 10

D rank: To rank up to D rank, 100 experience points are needed. Exp points can be gained through evaluation after roleplay. Characters of this rank have the physical abilities of a superhuman, increasing massively from that of a regular human but not yet quite as strong as the characters belonging into the ranks C to A. Upon ranking up to D, the character gets three free techniques.
Exp: 100

C-rank: 500 exp points are needed to rank up to C. Characters belonging to this rank have superhuman physical consistency that surpasses that of D-rank characters. The significant boost indeed would make a difference and allows the user to take dangerous damage without getting knocked out. By this time even marines and bounty hunters may have a reputation among their alignment or otherwise. The character gains one free technique upon ranking up to C. In This Rank and above characters can have a Logia devil fruit or awaken their Devil power (devils only).
Exp: 500

B-rank: 1000 exp points are needed to rank up to this level. B rank characters have inhumane physical capabilities and are to be feared. Pirates of this level would most likely have a dangerous amount of money on their heads. Marines and bounty hunters will probably be reputed and feared worse. The character earns one free technique upon ranking up to B.
Exp: 1000

A-rank: 3000 exp is necessary to earn the second highest rank in the system. Characters of this rank can easily overpower and take on multiple opponents of ranks from B and below, hordes of them really. They are greatly feared and respected in general. Most would have epithets that strike fear into people's hearts. Messing with one of them would be absolutely.. fatal. Again, upon ranking up to A, the character gets one free technique.
Exp: 5000

S-rank: With 7000 exp, a character can unlock the strongest and highest rank in the system. While the physical powers of characters in this rank do not improve much from A rank, their fame usually increases greatly. Pirates of this level have astronomical bounties in general and Marines are usually Admirals. Bounty hunters have shelves of pirate heads and are usually wealthy. Most of the character in these ranks have tales and legends about them and are considered to be among the most powerful specimens in the world.
Exp: 7000
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Rank system
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