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 The Crypt Devil Fruit Shop

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PostSubject: The Crypt Devil Fruit Shop   Sun May 18, 2014 7:07 pm

You walk into a crypt, with few candlelights and an obnoxious atmosphere. Suddenly a dark haired, faint-looking little girl looks at you, speaking with a light, shadowfilled voice.

"W-welcome.. Customer.. Please.. Look.. Around.."

You are now free to look at the various fruits and buy, if you have the Berri.

Canon Devil Fruits.

Zoan Devil Fruit: 15.000 Berri.

Paramecia Devil Fruit: 26.000 Berri.

Logia Devil Fruit: 50.000 Berri.


Custom Devil Fruits.

Zoan Custom: 30.000 Berri.

Paramecia Custom: 32.000 Berri.

Logia Custom: 75.000 Berri.


Lucky Devil Fruit Basket.

Random, unknown until bought, Devil Fruit: 20.000 Berri.
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The Crypt Devil Fruit Shop
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