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PostSubject: Yami Sentoki   Yami Sentoki EmptySun May 18, 2014 6:15 pm

Name: Yami Sentoki

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Race: Human
Alliance: Pirate

Weapon: Sword

Ability: One-handed sword

Occupation: Navigator

Personality: Some people have noted that her personality is dark. She smiles, but only so often are those smiles really showing how she feels. Inside, she is dark, and feels empty. She feels like there is a hole that was left from her parents' death that needs to be filled. But she doesn't know how to fill this hole. She has lived in darkness, trying to find who it was that changed her life. Not much can make her laugh.

Likes: Shadows, full moons, dreams, cute guys (oddly enough), swordplay
Dislikes: Sweltering hot days, nightmares, bullies, memories of her past

Background/Biography: At a weaponry school, a ten year old Yami Sentoki is learning how to properly use a gun. Or, attempting to anyway. "Yami! What's wrong with you? You are the worst in the class!" said a bully. Yami just looked up at him. "Maybe its because you have no talent! Is that it?" the bully asked. Angrily, Yami turned and stormed away, the bully laughing behind her.

As she walked, tears streamed down her face. Maybe he's right. Maybe i'm not cut out for this, she thought. It was then that a teacher approached her, a teacher of one of the other classes. He had a sword strapped to his belt. "Ms. Sentoki, my name is Master Konoe. I will be your sword instructor," the man said. Yami looked up at him, confused. "Why would I need to learn how to use a sword?" Yami asked him. Konoe looked down at her. She was small for her age, but that wouldn't slow him down. "Because, due to your lack of talent in using a more modern weapon, we, the heads of the school, feel it would be better to try you on a different kind of weapon." the man said. He took Yami's hand and led her to his classroom.

"Now," said Konoe, handing Yami a wooden sword, "I want you to come at me with all you have. Whenever you're ready," he said. Yami took a stance she had never seen before. It was as if holding the sword made her feel more comfortable. She charged at the instructor, letting out a loud battle cry. He parried her strike. "Fiercer! You cannot let your opponent disarm you!" he said. Suddenly, it was as if some hidden instinct kicked in. Yami began to fight with the man as well as a protege. Soon, the man stopped and jumped back. He was smiling. "Yami, I think we found your weapon," he said.

For the next two years, Yami trained under the guidance of Master Konoe. At the end of the second year, Yami, now using a real sword, was able to surpass Konoe. "You have done well, my student. Now return home and tell your parents of your graduation tomorrow." he said. Yami smiled and ran all the way home.

"Mom! Dad! I'm graduating tomorrow! I'm back on schedule!" she said happily. Her parents smiled and hugged her. "We knew you could do it." her mother said. As they were having this little celebration, Yami heard a strange sound, and turned around. She wondered out of the room, looking around. She found a window broken. She gasped, and heard a scream from back in the kitchen. She ran into the room, only to find her parents dead.

Yami gasped and stepped back. She bumped into the wall behind her, and a sword fell down. It was there for decoration, said to have belonged to her grandfather, a great swordsman. She grabbed the sword and immediately felt more confident. When the man pointed a gun at her, she grinned, and dropped to the ground just before he fired. She then rolled toward him and lunged upward, stabbing the man in the stomach. He yelled in pain, and fell to the ground, dead. Yami spun around, seeing that there were more people.

"Who is this kid? And why didn't you account for her before decided to rob the place?" asked one man to the other, who was standing next to him. Both of them had their guns pointed at Yami. "How was I supposed to know? The last I checked, her school record said she was the worst fighter ever! I didn't know she would be this powerful!" said the other man. Both of them fired at the same moment, and both of them missed as Yami leaped to the side, rolling under the table. "Find her! She can't escape!" one man said.

Yami moved around under the table, trying to find a position where she could get up and not get killed. She noticed the perfect opening, and charged out from under the table, turning off the lights. Confused, the two men looked around in the darkness, letting their eyes adjust. But Yami was quicker. Both men fell dead before they knew it. Yami turned the lights on and looked around. Suddenly she came to the realization that she had just killed three men, and she was only twelve. She fell to her knees, dropping the bloody sword. She buried her face in her hands. "How could I have done this? I'm not a killer!" she said to herself.

She stayed there until the next day. She realized that she wouldn't be able to show up at the graduation. Odds were, the police would show up soon, and she would be to blame for what happened. So, she packed plenty of food and water, cleaned the sword, and took off, running away, hopefully to a better life.
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PostSubject: Re: Yami Sentoki   Yami Sentoki EmptySun May 18, 2014 6:34 pm

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Yami Sentoki
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